Investment Opportunities

We are constantly seeking new partners – Investors & Developers – who would like to join us on various development projects in both active and passive roles. Our Investors & Partners will receive high (ROI) returns on their investment in our development projects.

Any investment that is made with us is secured and backed by security, with a low LTV ratio. On a simple purchase deal, we can offer 23% to 30% net profit on GDV.

Our deals are with and without planning permission, but come with a feasibility report to demonstrate potential of the project. We’re also able to work with developers at any of the various stages of a deal.

Our focus in on build-to-sell schemes, and occasionally we work on build-to-rent schemes. The vast majority of our deals are direct to vendor or 100% off-the-market. Build-to-rent usually generates a 5 and 7% net yield.

If you are interested in finding out more about our investment opportunities, please give our Director a call onĀ 07947 355 087. We look forward to hearing from you.

Company Information

M&D Property Investments LTD
Stirling House,
9 Burrough Gardens,
London NW4 4AU.

Tel: 0800 145 6577