Featured Developments

New Landmark Development in Barnet

29,500 sq. foot of mixed Commercial & Residential property

  • This is a 29,500 sq foot area development, which includes mixed residential and commercial property development.
  • Part of the development requirements include an equally sized underground parking area.
  • We are currently working on the planning stages of this development and hope to commence development in Q2 2019.

Hull Development Project

9850 sq. foot Office Building converted into 24 apartments

  • We partnered with an Investor to work on a build-to-let development project based in Hull.
  • Hull is a planned City of Culture and currently undergoing major regeneration.
  • Converted an Office building of approximately 9850 sq. foot office building into 24 mixed size apartments.
  • Development began in February 2016
  • By mid-2016, the show apartment was completed (PD rights to be extended)
  • Development was completed in December 2016
  • As of February 2017, it has reached 70% occupancy.

Pakenham Arms Pub Conversion

Grade 2 Listed Property converted for short let apartments

  • Pakenham Arms Pub, a grade 2 listed building On Pakenham Street near Russell Square.
  • M&D Properties Investment Ltd was commissioned to develop 4 apartments on the buildings’ 2 floors.
  • We planned to develop a penthouse on the roof, but were refused planning permission.
  • The pub was converted into a Restaurant.

Overseas New Development

3300 sq. foot land acquired in Israel to develop a ‘Smart’ Residential Villa

  • Half-hectare land was acquired in Israel.
  • Planned to build a 3300 sq. ft luxurious smart home  villa with swimming pool
  • 14 months to complete from land acquisition to completion.
  • Development was sold mid-2016

New Development in Sparrow Herne, Bushey

10,300 sq. foot land area of 2 Single Family Housing Estates

  • The current development site spans across 2 family homes and has been secured on an option for 18 months
  • We are currently working on the planning process for this development and hope to complete within 12 months
  • The aim is to demolish the existing properties to build a block of 9 flats across 10,000 sq. foot area

Development Near Stansted

In negotiation phase

  • We are currently in the negotiation phase for this new development
  • The ambition is to knock down 1 property to develop 8 new houses

New Development in Stevenage

Large plot of land under negotiation to develop 5 Residential Units

  • This development is currently under negotiation, and we’re about to reach the planning phase
  • We plan to build 5 Residential units
  • This development should be complete by Q3 2019

We have an ongoing requirement for these types of projects and are continually looking to partner with individuals and businesses. Please get in touch if you’re interested in discussing a potential partnership.

We are currently engaged in 35 different development project bids averaging £1 – 35 million in and around the London /North London area.

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