About Us

Dror Avital, Managing Director

M&D Properties Investment Ltd is an established property development and investment company that has 20 years of experience in developing and investing in the residential and commercial property sectors.

It operates in both the private and social housing sectors and build quality, sustainable and imaginative homes in prime locations.

With Dror Avital leading the companies vision and operations, M&D Properties Investment Ltd has seen steady growth and success since its inception.

Dror Avital is the founder of M&D Properties Investment Ltd. Alongside his directorial responsibilities, Dror is also responsible for the delivery of key development projects.

Dror specialises in both Residential and Commercial Property Development, with more than 20 years of experience in Property Management & Consulting. As part of the M&D Properties Investment Ltd group of companies, Dror has established several other successful Property ventures.

Our Philosophy

This code of ethics to potential sellers to reassure them that they are going to serve the seller as best they can.

  • All information disclosed will be treated carefully and with the utmost confidence
  • We’re committed to finding the best (win/win) deals for all parties involved
  • In the event that the sale of your property is not the best solution, we’ll make sure this is communicated to you and help determine an alternative solution
  • We work with realistic purchase timescales
  • We operate on a complete transparency – meaning that we can guarantee that there will be no hidden fees
  • We will communicate vital information to you consistently, throughout the purchase process
  • We only engage and conduct ethical business practices. This means that our partners must do the same.

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Company Information

M&D Property Investments LTD
Stirling House,
9 Burrough Gardens,
London NW4 4AU.

Tel: 0800 145 6577
Email: dror@mndproperties.co.uk